Turns To Marriage Advice With


With the rate of divorce growing in India, popular matrimony platform has decided to launch a complimentary product – an online guide for married couples. is an initiative from BharatMatrimony that offers advice to married couples with a host of articles about married life.

The online platform, which also offers a monthly newsletter, has so far published articles such as “Art of Managing an Upset Man”, “How to Financially Prepare for Marriage”, “The Art of Appreciating Each Other Every Day” and “Why Marriage is All About the Other Person”.

Speaking about the idea behind this new venture, founder and CEO Murugavel Janakiraman said: “The increasing breakdown of relationships amongst newlyweds, the rising divorces and the growing numbers of cases in family courts made us think of doing something to help young couples enrich their relationship and create happy families. That led to the launch of

“In a way it aligns to the purpose of our company: The future of a country depends on its citizens. Good Citizens emerge from Good Parenting. Good Parenting happens in a Happy Marriage. And, we are the Gateway to Happy Marriages.

“Happy families are the building blocks of a nation. As a leader in the online matchmaking space, we have a responsibility to guide married couples to lead a happy life post marriage. is an initiative to enrich marital relationship and make it meaningful. It’s BharatMatrimony’s guide to a happy marriage.”

After soft-launching last year, following three months of research into topics couples were most interested in, the service already has over 13,000 subscribers to its newsletter.

The company also conduct a workshop called “The Happy Marriage”, for final year college students, to help them “enrich their relationships and prepare them for the happy journey”.

Find out more about the product here.