Slack Adds Time Limits For Guest Accounts

Slack guests

Teams that use Slack can now manage guest accounts better, thanks to two new releases by the communication platform.

Slack has just launched time limits and enhanced guest profiles for the platform, to help administrators manage guests on their teams.

Although admins can already manage guest accounts on Slack – choosing which channels they can access – the new update enables them to set a time limit for how long they can access a channel.

Slack guests
After the limit is set, both the guest and the admin will be sent a message from Slackbot two days before it ends, reminding them of the limit.

Admins can then extend the limit if appropriate, and guests are given information on who to contact to ask about extending the deadline.

Slack guests
In addition to this change, Slack has also added “more context” to guest profiles, so it is “more obvious who is a guest and why they’re on your team”.

Guests now have a profile field that shows who invited them, the channels they have access to, and when their guest profile expires.

Slack guests
According to Slack, over 65% of paid Slack teams use guest accounts, for people like freelancers or vendors, and on average each of these has 15 guests.

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