Mature Online Daters More Committed To Finding Love Than Under-40s

Mature Dating

Singles over the age of 40 are three times more committed to online dating than their under-40 counterparts.

This is according to new research by, who analysed over 1m online dating memberships to better understand the online dating habits of mature singles.

After spending time comparing daily logins, photo upload rates and profile detail rates as well as membership lengths of daters above and below 40, the site found that mature daters are 313% more dedicated to finding love online.

It revealed that over-40s log in to their profiles an average of 4.64 times a day, compared to the 1.22 times daily completed by under-40s.

However, it was the over-60s who showed the most commitment, logging into online dating profiles 5.46 times a day and making them 88% more committed than the average online dater.

The study also found that singles above 40 are 127% more likely to have a more detailed profile than their younger online daters, yet over-70s are the most likely to have a detailed profile across all age groups.

40 to 49-year-olds are most successful

Whilst mature online daters tend to have to wait longer to build trusting relationships with people they meet online – committing to dating online for an average of 290 days – the research found that daters in the 40 to 49 age bracket date for the shortest amount of time.

This was reflected in the site’s findings, revealing that singles in this age group had 11% shorter membership lengths than the average online dater.

Commenting on the new research, Director of, Ben Hitchens said: “With the boom in dating apps and selfies over the past few years the younger generation of online daters are becoming lazy and purely picking dates from someone’s photostream.

“After analysing our member’s dating behaviours, we have seen all is not lost in the art of a successful dating profile, but it is the mature daters that are setting the example.

“The over 40s are investing both time, and money, into their online dating endeavours and that’s paying off for them, which is reflected in our research.”

For a visual elaboration of the results, see the infographic below:

Mature online daters