New Ashley Madison Survey Investigates Why People Cheat

A new survey from Ashley Madison has tried to identify why people who are married cheat on their partners.

The survey asked 2,018 Ashley Madison members and discovered that sex is the primary reason that people look outside of their marriage, with 61% admitting this.

The survey also found people are also seeking emotional reassurance like friendship (42%) and affection (44%) outside of their primary relationship.

Emily deAyala, a sex therapist at REVIVE Therapy & Healing in Houston, said that people expect a lot out of their marriage and when their needs are not met, they stray away instead of trying to fix the issues in the relationship.

deAyala added: “People are very guilty of not nurturing their relationship. We fall into patterns and start to neglect aspects of the relationship that are important, and people miss the feelings they had early in the relationship.”

She noted that couples have to actively find ways to “rediscover” each other, rather than “discovering others.”

However, 51% of the users said an affair makes them feel more alive, with 48% admitting they feel more desired than in their main relationship.

The survey also found out that 54% of users are only seeking short-term dating, with 50% of respondents choosing to “cheat rather than leave their spouse because they love their partner but are just looking for more sexual fulfilment.”

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Chloe Gay

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