New Survey Finds 40% More Likely to Swipe Right for Dog

Nearly 40% of Americans are more likely to swipe right on a profile including a dog photo, a new survey has found.

The OnePoll study, which was carried out for pet food company, I and Love and You, surveyed 2,000 Americans (half of whom were dog owners) and discovered that 39% of them would swipe right on a profile because they wanted to meet the dog more than the owner.

Furthermore, 63% believed that having a dog in a profile picture substantially increased the chances of meeting someone with 39% admitting they had posed with a friend’s dog for their profile picture. 

However, the survey also highlighted some problems. Half of the 39% who swiped right to meet the dog said they were disappointed when they discovered that their date did not own the dog in the photo. Meanwhile, 37% said they had experienced a breakup involving a dog with more than two-thirds missing the dog as much as their ex. 

We believe pets are people too, so not only can a breakup be heartbreaking with your human partner, it can sometimes be even harder knowing you won’t see your furry companion every day,” said Lindsey Rabaut, Vice President of marketing at I and Love and You, in a statement.

Pets are becoming increasingly important to the online dating industry. Dig is one of the most popular dating apps for dog lovers and has continued to expand since it launched in 2018. Last August Dallas residents gained access to the app which was already available in 15 other cities including New York and Los Angeles.

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