New TikTok Series About Horrible First Dates

A new series called Next, which details a number of bad first dates, is launching exclusively on TikTok. The show, created by and starring Australian actress Chloe Bayliss, drew inspiration from real-life dating horror stories shared by friends, cast, and crew. 

Stories include an axe-throwing date where main character Amy is told by her date that there could be a delay before the second date as he’s heading to prison soon. Episodes last between one to three minutes in length, perfect for TikTok’s short-form video format.

The series will be released exclusively on TikTok as it can be released instantaneously, without having to wait for funding, Bayliss told ABC News. In fact, the series was made with the filmmakers’ own money, with the cast and crew working for free.

Bayliss, who is set to get married this year, didn’t intend for the project to be a criticism of online dating and the first dates that arise from it. 

She highlights “it’s a really good opportunity to meet people [who] are outside of your circle”, but “it can be exhausting”.

You can watch the first three episodes of Next here.