Over 80% of Teenagers Prefer iPhone to Android

Piper Jaffray’s ‘Teens Survey’ has found 82% of American teens own an iPhone.

The percentage is up from 78% last autumn, and represents the highest ever figure recorded for this question in the survey.

Further, 84% say their next phone will be an iPhone, and 20% plan to purchase an Apple Watch. The questionnaire found Apple is the second most desired brand after Rolex.

The Teens Survey gathers data from thousands of youths (average age 16) across 40 states.

Analysts say this bodes well for the upcoming release of a budget iPhone. The autumn model will see facial recognition software incorporated for a fraction of the usual price.

Looking to the future, Apple has recently hired Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea.

The move will likely see Apple drive to catch up with the AI progress of its rivals.

It has also proactively updated its privacy policies, setting itself aside from the ongoing data protection controversy engulfing Facebook.

Some have speculated that Apple will look to acquire Snapchat in a bid to become the market leader in Augmented Reality tech.

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Scott Harvey

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