Peanut CEO Gives Business Tips to Forbes

Co-founder and CEO of Peanut Michelle Kennedy has given a short interview to Forbes, outlining some philosophies she found valuable while developing her business.

She feels that patience and persistence are key to being a good negotiator, and that developing these capacities through motherhood enabled her to become a better businessperson.

Before becoming a mother, Kennedy “(…) wanted things to happen immediately and if someone didn’t jump on what I was saying, I’d think, ‘they don’t get it, they’re not on board, let’s move forward.’ ”

Experiences like potty training made her more resolute in the pursuit of her goals, and taught her not to give up when faced with setbacks.

In the interview, she outlines the ways in which this new understanding complements her background of being a good negotiator.

Coming from a legal profession, Forbes reports that Kennedy “always considered herself to be a strong negotiator”, but that she could often be bossy, pushy and heavy-handed in negotiations.

Listening more to other people and having less of a sense of urgency in the workplace have both benefited the business, the article states.

Peanut has more than 170,000 users across the USA, Canada and the UK. It has been dubbed the ‘Tinder for Mums’.

Mums on the app can swipe on one another’s profiles, ‘waving’ at people they’d like to connect with. They can then organise meetings or group chats, and support one another via the platform in the future.

Read Kennedy’s interview here.