Podcast From The Motley Fool Analyses Dating Industry

The Motley Fool has released a podcast episode going on a deep dive into online dating. It featured Dan McMurtrie and Alex Draime from investment research specialists Tyro Partners.

The episode covered how online dating has changed the way people meet, why they move between different apps and how much room Match Group still has to monetise.

At the end of last year, Tyro Partners published a thesis analysing where the industry currently stands. They estimated that 65%-75% of new relationships are now beginning online.

McMurtie explained that the number of younger marriages are “collapsing” due to there being a higher turnover of relationships. He believes that young people have no problem calling a relationship off if it doesn’t feel right because they could organise another date in “two minutes”.

However, divorce rates are known to be declining because people are waiting to know as much information about their partner as possible before getting married.

The Tyro Partners CEO continued on to say that Tinder is being treated as a form of entertainment rather than a dating service. Users can easily spend 45 minutes a day on it just for a fun dopamine hit.

Instead, millennials are turning to platforms like Hinge and Bumble to find dates and more serious relationships.

Finally, they said that they are sure there are still plenty of opportunities for Match Group to monetise and grow its revenue. This is because it has a large number of platforms aimed at demographics so new premium features can be added and unique brand partnerships can be formed.

Listen to the full podcast here.