QuackQuack Launches ‘Single Parent & Online Dating’ Report

QuackQuack has launched it’s ‘single parent & online dating’ report.

The report said: Dating is hardly a level playing field for people of mature age, and then you throw a kid into the mix. Dating as a single parent can come with a myriad of complications, but that is no reason to shy away from a shot at finding love. India’s No.1 dating app, QuackQuack, surveyed single parents aged between 28 and 38 from tier 1 and tier 2 cities to take a peek at their dating lives.

57% of single parents reveal that they don’t have the time to think of dating, let alone go and meet someone in person. They are too swamped with work and kids to make time for a romantic dinner and whatnot. In contrast, 43% said they try to strike a balance between being a parent and being an individual. They have their own time when they go on dates and meet new people. 

Crushed with responsibility

According to the survey result, 41% of single moms aged between 28 and 35 admit to liking someone but never acting on it because their kids might not be happy about the same. Having kids changes your life, they said. Life revolves around their needs and wants, and priorities change. Most of these single moms feel that they must love their kids with their whole hearts, leaving no room for anyone else. In a world full of critiques, 38% of single moms from tier 1 and tier 2 cities admitted to not dating due to societal stigmas. They are worried that their dating life might mar their children’s reputation in schools and colleges.


The stats from the survey show that 32% of single dads aged between 30 and 38 revealed being rejected for a date because they have kids. They disclosed that women often felt that dating a single dad is almost dating an entire family. At some point, kids get engaged in the whole affair, and most women are not ready for that kind of commitment.  Some narrated that dating as a single parent can be tricky. Often the relationship lacks spontaneity owing to the kids. They understand how that can be a deal-breaker.

Lay the cards on the table.

45% of single parents from tier 1 cities opined that they would like to disclose their situation at the initial stage. Dating someone with kids might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and they understand it. Also, addressing the truth of the matter might work as a litmus test for the relationship. They said that it is crucial to understand a person’s view before diving into a relationship. 

Deemed Guilty

47% of single parents above 30 disclose that they felt judged by their friends, family, and above all, their kids, for wanting to have a love life. People don’t see single parents as individuals. They are parents, and that becomes their identity. Society dictates that once you become a parent, dating and falling in love is out of the scheme of things.

Order of Priorities

According to QuackQuack’s survey, 23% of single parents between the age of 30 and 35 revealed that they were in a relationship, and it broke off. It affected their kids’ mental health, which is one of the many reasons why they don’t want to date again. They mentioned that for parents, their children take precedence over everything else in life.

On a positive note

According to the survey, 39% of single parents reveal that they have been on dates, and some are in successful long-term relationships. They stated that without the support of their kids, they would never have gotten a shot at a new life. There were times when they were afraid to start afresh. Many single parents explained how it was difficult to get out of their comfort zones and face initial rejections. It was not easy, but eventually, things got better.

Ravi Mittal, the Founder, and CEO of the dating app QuackQuack commented, “Society needs to understand that single parents are more than just parents. There should be no taboo related to a single parent with love life.”

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