SHIPP: Singapore-Based Dating App Startup

SHIPP is a Singapore-based startup that is looking to reduce superficiality in online dating. Users connect over text-based profiles before starting a 7 minute text conversation, with photos only revealed once both users decide they like the others’ “vibe”.

The idea for the app came about after surveys showed that swiping on dating apps causes fatigue and end in shallow conversations. 

“Having tried many dating apps before, I observed that most of them work in similar formats and are more inclined to impress potential matches with physical appearances first before having any chance to interact further” said Jason Yah, CEO of SHIPP.

Therefore its methodology of getting users to chat with one another first before revealing their physical appearance, will ensure they “vibe first, connect later”. 

The app has 500 daily active users, with around 6,000 messages sent everyday, Coconuts Singapore reports. SHIPP’s developers say they have plans to adopt gamification, reward incentives, and safety reminders as features in the future.

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