Single Muslim Sees Activity Spike Amid UK Snowy Conditions

Matrimonial website has found activity on its site increasing as many parts of the UK experience snowy conditions.

The ‘Beast from the East’ cold snap meets Storm Emma today, causing a red and amber weather alerts in Scotland and the West Country.

Over 300 people are stranded on a motorway in Scotland, and the National Grid has warned that it may face a shortage of gas.

During periods of disruption, however, many people turn to dating apps. Director, Adeem Younis, commented: “When we look at user numbers, the pattern suggests a direct relationship between bad weather and the volume of traffic to the service.

“It makes sense, that when it snows, many people miss college or work, freeing up time for other pursuits…”

The number of visits to the website recently increased by 50%, with usage in the London area significantly higher.

“All this disruption is great news for people who want to invest time in searching for their ideal match,” said Younis.

Dating app Hinge saw its activity increase during storms Stella and Juno in 2017 and 2015 respectively.

Tinder, meanwhile, saw a 10% increase in matches during the “Snowmageddon” in January 2016.

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Scott Harvey

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