Social Psychologist & Online Dating Researcher Eli Finkel Releasing New Book On Marriage


A social psychology professor named Eli Finkel who has performed a lot of research into online dating and modern relationships is releasing a new book.

Finkel studies interpersonal attraction, marriage, conflict resolution, and “how our social relationships influence our goal achievement”.

In 2014, he delivered a Tedx talk titled “Can technology bring us true love?”, that looked at whether the algorithms dating sites use can really help us find love.

The professor also participated in a recent study that sought to measure how effective such algorithms were, by making 350 college-aged participants answer online dating-style questionnaires, then sending them on a series of speed dates, to see whether those they liked in person matched up with those the compatibility questionnaire predicted they would like.

And now Finkel is set to release a new book, titled “The All-Or-Nothing-Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work”.

The book charts the history of marriage over human history, and reverse engineers the best marriages to “show how any marriage can be better”.

The description of the book reads: “Finkel combines cutting-edge scientific research with practical advice, introducing a set of quick-and-dirty lovehacks, considering tactics for optimizing communication and responsiveness, and offering guidance on when to recalibrate our expectations.

“Collectively, these strategies help not only to solve acute problems but also to put our marriage on a path toward flourishing for the long run.”

Finkel is also going on a US tour in support of the book, stopping in cities like New York, Boston, Washington and Seattle.

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