Sparks – Strengthening Existing Couples’ Connections

Relationship app Sparks is not trying to create new couples, but rather make existing connections stronger. Couples swipe through different opportunities and experiences, looking for something their partner also wants to try.

When both parties ‘swipe right’ on an experience they’re open to trying, the app lets the couple know.

As well as suggesting date ideas for couples, the Sparks platform also provides community interactions. Users can share questions with other couples, for example “what gift should I buy my wife?”. 

The app also provides helpful personalised support for couples. This includes keeping track of a partner’s birthday, the relationship’s anniversary, their turn ons and offs, and even seeing if a partner is “in the mood”. 

“We want to help make relationships more simple and fun by easing decision making and introducing new experiences!”, the Sparks website shares.

An open beta for Sparks is now available, with over 2000 couples already signed up to the platform.

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