Survey: The Trends Defining Dating App Conversations

A survey of 12,000 singles has revealed new insights about how dating app users perceive their conversations with matches. For example, 39% of daters believe that if the first message is long and detailed, it usually indicates that a match is genuinely interested in you.

QuackQuack explained that longer messages often signal that a match is serious about connecting. People seeking short-term casual relationships may only send small, impersonal messages, they explain.

42% of respondents also shared that the speed of a reply can indicate how interested a match is. 28% of female singles agree that when a match replies in under 2 minutes, it shows they want the conversation to continue. However, not replying for 3 days indicates that a match is probably talking to multiple people.

26% of female daters between 20 and 32 revealed some hints they often drop to subtly express their interest:

  • Responding to a funny joke with more than just a ‘LOL’
  • Rearranging their schedule to align with a match
  • Sharing complement about a man’s personality or appearance
  • Talking about their family
  • Calling their match a nickname

The survey also revealed a rift between Millenials and Gen Z, as they disagree over the ever-evolving language used online. 49% of Millennials find it difficult and juvenile that new terms like “rizz” and “cap” are being coined by younger generations.

On the other hand, 51% of Gen Z singles think that Millennials care too much about grammar, as opposed to actually making connections.

The latest trending term amongst singles is ‘submarining’. It refers to the behaviour of matches when they chat, ghost, and then reappear after months, like a submarine that submerges and resurfaces. 

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented on the survey saying, “After the analysis of the survey data, we can see a lot of interesting new communication styles. For instance, participants revealed that a longer message or a faster reply can signal their interest in a match, and we indeed observe that in our users.”

The survey was conducted by QuackQuack, speaking with 12,000 singles in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. You can find out more about QuackQuack on its website here. 

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