Swedish Internet Usage Increasing, But Online Dating Success Stalling Says New Report


A new report looking at internet usage in Sweden has found that, on average, people spend 23.6 hours a week online, up from 21.4 hours last year.

This transpires to around nine hours a week on mobile, up one hour from last year.

Weekly internet usage amongst 16-25-year-olds is substantially higher, however, rates hitting an average of 40 hours a week.

And interestingly, 78% of people use their mobiles for internet, with 65% doing so every day.

Social media use was also reported to have stabilised at 75%, with half of Swedes found to be using social media on their mobile every day.

Online dating stats, however, appear to be struggling, with 18% of people aged 16-25 and 10% of those aged 26-45 having tried online dating.

And success figures also seem to be on the low side, with just 16% of Swedes getting into a romantic situation after having used online dating.

Even lower still is the number of people who have moved in with or married an online date, with just 3% seeing success in this area.

In addition to this, 42% of people failed to meet someone online and 39% of initial meetings resulted in nothing further.

IIS also reported that 620,000 Swedes are not online – around 7% of the population.

To read the full IIS report please click here and to see a further breakdown of the results please click here.