The Inner Circle’s Event Manager Discusses Global Singles Nights

The Inner Circle’s Global Event & Experience Marketing Manager has been interviewed on what it’s like organising dating events all over the world.

Oceane Krügel spoke to Rentuu, a company that specialises in renting equipment for a range of worldwide entertainment events, and described some of the challenges she faces on a daily basis.

The selective dating app is known for its stylish singles events, which include summer parties, dinner dates and bingo nights.

Krügel is based in London, but is responsible for users in from Amsterdam and Paris to New York and Rio de Janerio. She explained that it is paramount to do in-depth research on a new city in order to understand the social culture before beginning to organise anything.

“The main challenge is to make sure we address demand correctly. Each country has its own culture and habits. Therefore it is crucial to respect these in order to give all chances to your event to be successful.

“It may be handy to be in touch with locals. People who know their city / country well and can guide you about the do’s and don’t.”

She also sometimes experiences difficulties when dealing with suppliers in other timezones; a lengthy process when both parties are sending messages at different times of the day. There are occasionally language barriers to overcome, and this can require help from a third-party translator.

Oceane Krügel was featured in the GDI Power Book in February for continuously hosting sellout events in international markets.

Read the full interview here.