The League Completes Nationwide Expansion in US and Canada

The League made its service available across new cities in the US and Canada on Friday, including Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia.

The dating app has been available in select North American cities for five years, but has just rolled out across the two countries in an attempt to change the way ambitious singles meet one another.

Amanda Bradford, Founder and CEO of The League, said in a statement: “The League has now gained total U.S and Canadian domination, elevating America’s and Canada’s dating game as we lead the way in connecting the most interesting, ambitious and goal-oriented singles.

“Expansion continues to be a big focus for us because geography should never limit your chances of finding the love of your life.”

The League’s users will also be able to access the app’s newest feature, League Live, which facilitates two-minute video chats on Sundays at 9pm. If daters ‘Heart’ one another during the chat, a match is made.

The US-based app expanded its service to daters in Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Richmond, New Orleans, Vancouver and Montreal in 2018.

It also made its first move into APAC at the beginning of the year when it launched in Singapore.

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