The Startup Roundup – 12th March 2021

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Startup news this week:

  1. Flirtini: Dating App That Works – Users can upload photos and videos to their personal ‘Story’, which allows them to have a more genuine online connection with their matches.
  2. CarpeDM: Seize The Dating – Currently only available in Washington DC, CarpeDM is the brand new dating app for professional Black women looking for serious relationships.
  3. New ‘Limit App’ targets social media users between 18 and 25 – The social platform allows Gen Z users to freely express themselves without judgement, before they’re blocked on their 26th birthday.
  4. AsianFriendly: Find Your Match – The platform has just launched an Android app to connect Asian people and those who have an interest in Asian culture.
  5. Boozr: Your Local Has Been Missing You – Boozr is designed for people who want to socialise in person, to organise plans with friends and find a pub to go to.