Tinder Is Launching A New Podcast About Dating In The Digital Age


Dating app Tinder is starting its own podcast about dating in the digital age.

The new podcast is called DTR, which stands for “define the relationship”, a term Urban Dictionary describes as “when two people discuss their mutual understanding of a romantic relationship”.

Tinder’s podcast will be a six part series and is set to be hosted by journalist & This American Life music supervisor Jane Marie.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the podcast will cover “various topics surrounding dating in the digital age, like how to best construct an online profile or the precarious transfer of nude photographs.”

The first episode is said to be concerned with opening messages on Tinder, referencing the app’s recent work with GIF company Giphy, where internal data found that GIFs on Tinder improved the likelihood of users receiving a response from a match.

Tinder’s research found that when a user sent a GIF on the app instead of plain text or an emoji, they were 30% more likely to receive an answer.

Speaking about the podcast, Tinder’s CMO Ferrell McDonald told the Wall Street Journal: “We have a lot of Tinder team members who love to listen to podcasts.

“We have a lot of interesting data and stories to tell, so it just really felt like a great opportunity for us.”

Tinder will apparently be promoting its upcoming branded podcast with in-app cards on the dating app, informing its users about the series.

There is currently no word on when the podcast is expected to air, but we will update with any more news on the forthcoming series.