Tinder Launches New Voting Tool Stacks For iMessage

Tinder stacks

After announcing its Spotify feature earlier this week, Tinder has just put out another new release – a voting tool for iMessage.

The feature is the Hollywood company’s first proper move outside the world of dating – a handy swipe-based voting tool you can use with friends.

Called Stacks, the feature lets you take a series of photos, combine them into a “stack”, and send to your friends, who can vote on them.

This could be anything from which sunglasses look best, to which profile picture you should choose.

When your friends receive the stack, they can swipe right or left to vote on which photos they like, and you can view the results to see how they voted.

Tinder Stacks

In a blog post, Tinder said: “We know that life is full of difficult decisions. So, whenever you need more input, Tinder Stacks will help you get your friends to weigh in.

“Not sure which party shot you should post from last night? Stack it. Need input on which filter you should add to your beach photos? Stack it. Group decision-making drama is a thing of the past. Just stack it.”

Stacks is available to download and access via iMessage on iOS, as part of Apple’s new iMessage App Store, which lets developers integrate their products into the messaging system.

If you have Tinder on your phone, the Stacks tool will be automatically available for iMessage, unless you have turned off Automatically Add Apps in the Manage tab.

Tinder Stacks

Earlier this week, Tinder launched a new Spotify integration to let singles show their top artists, see what music they have in common with other users, and display their “Tinder Anthem”.

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