Tinder Publishes 2019 ‘Year In Swipe’ Report

Tinder has released its annual ‘Year In Swipe’ review, a set of statistics that detail some of the biggest dating trends of 2019. The figures were based on the different ways singles were using the app, as well as what information they were putting in their bios.

2019 was the year that Gen Z stood up for social causes, shown by the cohort being more likely to mention activism and politics in their bios than their travel experiences. Terms such as social justice, climate and gun control were among the most popular.

In contrast, Millennials were three times more likely to talk about travel topics than social causes.

Overall, the most used word in bios was ‘Real’, implying that Tinder users were mainly looking for an honest match that they could have a genuine connection with. 

New slang terms from the year were celebrated on the dating app, as words like ‘Stan’, an obsessive fan, and ‘Tea’, a modern synonym for gossip, were also common.

Over the course of the year, there was a 30% increase in people taking advantage of the More Genders feature, and the Rainbow emoji appeared in 15% more bios.

Over 300 million emojis were used on profiles this year. The Facepalm emoji grew by 41%, suggesting people were connecting by showing their disbelief as to what was happening all over the world.

Tokyo was the city that saw the biggest increase in activity, with Tinder speculating this could be a preemptive spike ahead of the Summer Olympics next year. The dating app often reports that it gains more traction around major sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup.

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Dominic Whitlock

Dominic is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from Devon, England he achieved a BA in English Language & Linguistics from The University of Reading. He enjoys a variety of sports and has a further passion for film and music.

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