Tinder Updates Design Of Flame Logo


Tinder has updated the design of its distinctive flame logo.

The new logo is more rounded and has a gradient effect on the flame.

Speaking about the new logo, editor and branding specialist of Under Consideration, Armin Vit, said: “Probably unbeknownst to anyone, the flame became, literally, the hottest app icon on people’s phones and, now, reaching Nike Swoosh status, Tinder has decided to forego a wordmark and let the flame do all the brand heavy lifting.

“And it works. I have never used Tinder and even I get the power of the flame and its ability to stand on its own.”

tinder logo

The redesign is part of a recent clean new design update for Tinder that starting getting rolled out in July.

The new design allows users of the service to navigate through pictures in a much easier way, scrolling through images by tapping the edge of an image to navigate through someone’s profile pictures.

Previously, you had to click on someone’s first profile picture to enter the image viewer, then swipe left or right to see their other pictures.

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