Tinder’s Rosette Pambakian Details 2016 Harassment Allegations

Tinder’s Rosette Pambakian has spoken to CNN about the lines in the founders’ lawsuit that allege she was harassed at a work party.

The case argues that Greg Blatt, former CEO, groped Pambakian in 2016. Here, she describes him kissing her on a bed without consent in a room with other employees.

Pambakian says she was unsure of whether to report the events, as part of her role in communications involved protecting Tinder’s reputation in the public sphere.

She said: “The irony that I had to now protect the company from myself was not lost on me.”

A CNN source familiar with the matter said: “From what we understood from interviews and investigations, there was consensual cuddling taking place”.

Match Group said in a statement: “The Match Group Board takes allegations of workplace misconduct extremely seriously. We investigate reports of misconduct, including sexual harassment, promptly and thoroughly, and take appropriate action, including swift termination of those responsible for such behavior.

“As it relates to the matter alleged in the lawsuit, an incident occurred in late 2016 and was reported at the end of April 2017. The Match Group Board — with the assistance of experienced outside counsel from two nationally recognized law firms — promptly conducted a careful and thorough investigation under the direction of independent Board members, concluded, among other things, that there was no violation of law or company policy, and took appropriate action.”

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