This Tool Collects The Most Useful Articles & Guides For New Startup Founders

Startup Launch List
An interesting online tool aims to help prospective founders find their feet by providing them with useful resources & articles to help them on their startup journey.

As the Startup Launch List site says, it wants to curate: “Articles you need to read before launching a startup. Written by founders, designers, investors and thought leaders.”

The list includes articles on subjects like idea curation, building a team, creating the right product and how to cut through the noise.

Introducing the idea on Product Hunt, founder & Panda Network partner William Channer said: “When I first got into tech, I remember my friend saying, “Make sure you read all of Paul Graham’s essays.” This little app sort of follows that thought.

“It’s a place where you can read essential articles from respected folks like Jason Fried, Derek Sivers, Brad Feld, Mark Suster, Sam Altman, Fred Wilson etc. It’s an attempt to unearth those classic pieces.”

Visitors to the site can also create their own reading lists – building a set of articles from their chosen categories that can be ticked off as read them.

To find out more and start reading, visit Startup Launch List.

Emma Woodley

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