TrueView Instagram Ad Campaign Drives 62% Increase In App Installs


Given the ever increasing competition within the online dating industry, driving user acquisition and app installs quickly, efficiently and in new ways is vital for every mobile dating service.

To try and achieve this objective, London-based dating startup TrueView turned to Instagram in an effort to carry out a number of cost effective user acquisition campaigns, recently revealing the fruits of this strategy.

Launched in November 2012, TrueView offers a fun and free social networking & dating experience for singles, matching members based on the places they visit and the interests they share.

Quality installs & low CPI

And to organise and execute the brand’s most recent campaign, TrueView opted to work with Merredy Consulting, a consultancy firm that specialises in running user acquisition campaigns for businesses.

The company manages campaigns on both a national and global scale, using all platform channels to help brands create effective marketing strategies.

The dating app’s main objective for this campaign was to drive quality users and installs at a low CPI.

Michael Merredy identified photo-sharing platform Instagram as the perfect channel to distribute TrueView’s ads, using its mobile-first focus to let the brand tell a story.

To do this, the consultancy specialist used Marin Social, a campaign management tool that lets advertisers and agencies measure, manage and optimise their ad spend.

Merredy used Marin Social’s bulk creator to quickly assemble multiple Instagram campaigns and ad sets, targeting the campaigns to certain user demographics.

And with a target budget and number of installs in mind, he then “created custom bid and budget rules to automatically work towards these goals.

“After launch, each campaign and ad set for every user segment was continuously optimized at the ad level, to ensure optimal performance.”

62% more installs with Instagram

This drove “superior results”, with TrueView finding that Instagram had generated the most app installs of any marketing channel over the same period – 62% more than its second-best marketing channel.

It also recorded a 44% lower CPI on iOS than the next best channel, and a 35% lower CPI for Android than the second-least expensive channel.

The campaign’s CPI on both Android and iOS was either £1 or less.

And with the results of the campaign, the London dating startup said they plan to invest 400% more in spending on Instagram for the future.

Speaking about the campaigns, Michael Merredy from Merredy Consulting said: “Marin Social allowed me to quickly create and test multiple campaigns, targeting multiple user demographics.

“Thanks to Marin Social’s budget features, I was able to ensure that the best performing campaigns gained access to the budget they needed.

“As a result, I’ve been able to acquire a large number of quality app users at a low cost for TrueView.”

Check out our interview with TrueView’s founder here, or visit the app’s official site here.

Simon Edmunds

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