TrueView’s Spark Feature Lets Singles Connect Over YouTube Videos, Spotify Songs & Other Profile Content


Safety-focused dating app TrueView has simplified how users connect with each other on the mobile app, with its new Spark feature.

Profiles on TrueView are built using a combination of profile pictures, YouTube videos, Spotify songs, statuses and personal information, which are all arranged in a Pinterest-style profile board.

The profiles are designed to a offer a fuller picture of users’ likes, interests and personality.

Previously, singles on the app were encouraged to strike up conversations with other users by liking or commenting on this pinned content, say by liking a YouTube video or commenting on a recently-uploaded profile pic.

Now, TrueView has decided to simplify this method of contact by rolling the like and comment tools into one feature – the Spark.

There is now a small lightening Spark icon on all profile content, and if you click the button, the other user will be notified.

The feature is a way of showing your interest in someone in a more natural and less awkward way – using the profile content as an icebreaker.

TrueView also encourages you to include a message with your Spark, as this improves your chance of a response.

The communication tool is limited however – you only get to use the Spark button once per profile.

TrueView Spark

TrueView co-founder Matt Verity said: “As people swipe through their matches feed they can easily strike up a conversation with any of the users they see by tapping any of the Spark buttons they attached to users’ content.

“Finding something in someone’s profile that you would find easy to talk about is then brought to reality. You don’t have to wait for someone to mutually match with you on TrueView.

“Just send that personal spark that will drive a more rewarding response.”

If you receive a Spark, it appears in your “requests” section, and if you are interested, you can accept the request to spark a conversation, which opens a private chat.

Earlier this month, TrueView introduced a nudity filter, which detects faces and nudity within images, before scoring each one and removing those that are deemed “inappropriate”.

This is one part of the company’s efforts to improve online dating safety, having previously introduced a feature that lets members build up a Trust Score, by linking their dating profile to various social media accounts and adding more information about themselves to the app.

Speaking about the new Spark feature, Verity said: “At TrueView we are continuously looking at our data to see how we can improve the service we provide.

“The Spark feature, along with some other really exciting updates we have in the pipeline over the next few months, are all meant to make our proposition clearer and the user experience more enjoyable and easier to understand.”

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