Watch The Channel 4 Ashley Madison Documentary Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks Now


Last night, Channel 4 premiered its documentary about the Ashley Madison hack.

Called Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks, the show is one of the first to recount the story of the 2015 hack, the information that was leaked and the consequences of the breach.

Directed by Havana Marking, who made critically acclaimed film Afghan Star, the 45-min documentary gave a solid summation & roundup of the breach and how it unfolded, without really going beyond and delivering a new scoop on the heavily-covered story.

Its best moments were when it focused on the leaked emails and company details that hackers The Impact Team released in its second dump, and what they revealed about the goings-on behind the scenes at Ashley Madison, such as how execs dealt with the media during the IPO reports in 2015.

The filmmakers also got hold of a shocking phone conversation between the owner of and ex-Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, where Biderman threatens to “drag [his] name through the mud” for “messing with my livelihood”.

The film also looks at the personal stories behind the hack, including the suicides that resulted from the data breach, speaking to both male & female users about their experiences on the site, and telling the story of those whose lives were ruined by the hack.

The documentary is now available to watch on All 4 here.

Simon Edmunds

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