WIRED Features Goes Inside The Digital Lives Of Teens

wired teens

A new in-depth feature on Wired goes inside the social media lives of teens.

Writer Mary H. K. Choi spent time with five different teenagers of high school age across the US, looking at their relationship with technology and social media.

As Choi says: “For teens, texts and snaps and video calls are real life, the equivalent of walking around in the mall for hours in the olden times, trying to catch the eye of a hottie in the food court.”

Its an interesting read, giving an insight into how teens interact technology and how different platforms are used for purposes beyond their surface function – such as Snapchat & Instagram for flirting.

And for those building products for the next generations of singles, it’s important to know which trends, products and digital movements are gaining prominence, to help your own ideas and updates stay fresh and not outdated.

Check out the in-depth Wired article here.