Why Singles Are Using Google Docs To Find Love

When singles feel burnout using dating apps, they start to look for alternative ways of making connections. A recent trend sees people creating “date me” Google Docs, where they share longer descriptions of themselves and what they’re looking for.

An article at Jumpstart links the phenomenon to a viral tweet from Chris Olah. Olah shared his own “date me” Google Doc, providing the usual personal details but also going into more depth about his interests, what he’s looking for, and the pros & cons of dating him.

The article compares these Google Doc bios to the extensive profiles collected and shared by traditional matchmakers, saying that the two are very similar. However these Google Docs are only as effective as the ability to share them widely so potential matches can read them.

Ultimately, this trend may point to the fact that dating app users may want the opportunity to share more details about themselves, rather than be restricted to a word limit. As the article suggests, perhaps dating app users will now share links to their “date me” Google Docs with matches, so both parties are on the same page from the get go. 

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