YourCrazyEx Brings Singles Together With Video Stories About Their Crazy Exes

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As dating sites struggle for brand recognition and try to find new ways to connect people, one new company has dreamt up a unique way to bring singles together – their crazy exes.

YourCrazyEx is a free dating site that lets users post a video telling a story about their crazy ex.

The video is part of the account creation process, and other users can comment on the video stories, either publicly or via private message.

The site, which has just launched, also said that the best member testimonials and stories will be posted every week on the homepage as featured videos.

Jorge Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing at “ is more than just a place to share funny stories about how crazy your ex behaved.

“It is a social media community where Members can laugh along with other Members who tell the world about their crazy ex stories, too.

“And, the best part, Members can meet singles who are looking to move past the drama of their last relationship and find new romance.”


Members are obviously instructed not to reveal the names of the “crazy exes”, but instead told to tell a story that shows “just how crazy their ex’s behaved during the relationship.”

Kaplan said users don’t have to post a video testimonial in order to join the site, but the founder said: “It certainly makes it more fun though, doesn’t it?”

Check out some YourCrazyEx member testimonial videos below: