Zoosk Launches a Military Verification Feature

Zoosk has announced that it is launching a new verification feature for U.S. military members.

The new feature will be added to continue reducing romance scams. Insignia™ will enable U.S. Military Personnel and Reservists to verify their military status on the platform by submitting information which will be reviewed by SheerID.

SheerID is a third-party digital verification service – which means once a member’s service has been verified, an Insignia™ badge will be added to the user’s profile.

Users have to verify their military service by going on the verification section of their profile, and selecting ‘Verify U.S. Military Service’. It will prompt them to verify their photos and information about themselves and their service (for example: birthday, full name, licence number).

After the information has been submitted, SheerID will then review it.

However, the information that Zoosk receives may be outdated or incomplete, so the company cannot guarantee the service record or the identity of any member.

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