A Guide To Online Dating During Internet Safety Month

Daters should watch out for Red Flags when swiping in June and beyond

It’s Internet Safety Month 2021 and this past year has taken our need for online interactions to a new level. Living in a digital world can make the dating process a whole lot easier, with potential matches ready at your fingertips. However, it’s also made it easier for untrustworthy users to take advantage of real daters with tactics designed to dupe them into scams or romance fraud.

As we spend more time online than ever scrolling social media and swiping through dating apps, it’s no wonder that people are starting to match with like-minded others in new, fun and interesting ways. However, staying vigilant should still be the first priority even when communicating through a screen and daters must know how to spot unusual or dangerous activity online.

This Internet Safety Month, our experts at RealMe have shared some tips that will help daters spot tell-tale signs of suspicious activity and improve their online security for an enjoyable dating experience. Let’s take a look…

A sudden shift in conversation

Asked to switch platforms? A request to continue your conversations outside of a dating app’s official channels soon after connecting could be a sign that your new match might be up to no good. Legitimate dating sites will be registered with an industry organization to make sure that they meet the safety standards and commit to protecting their users’ data and privacy. Stepping away from this platform will mean you are no longer protected by the safety measures in place which could leave you open to risk if red flags aren’t spotted. 

It’s perfectly normal to want to see and hear someone that you are speaking to online, but scammers will make it extremely difficult for this to happen with calculated explanations for why they can only communicate through messages. The most common reason is that they are not who they say they are – better known as the infamous ‘catfishing’ trend. In a recent dating industry survey conducted by RealMe and Global Dating Insights, 42% of dating executives saw an increase in scams and catfishing since the pandemic began. Even more reason for daters to look for red flags and be aware of profiles that have too little to show for itself before you swipe right. 

Protect your information

By displaying your hobbies and lifestyle, it’s easier to make matches based on what interests you share, so it may be a cause for concern when a user chooses not to share what means the most to them. However, scammers are known to want to receive the most information as possible from online daters. This can be anything from your date of birth to where you work. The reason being is that the more personal data they have, the easier it is to commit identity theft. Our experts recommend that users never share any personal details with new acquaintances, especially those that align with security questions for banks or email addresses.

A spike in demands

Criminals create these fake profiles to get something out of easy targets. Scammers are known for wanting gifts, money, or travel fare which usually involves some kind of medical or financial back story. It’s not uncommon to be approached by a fake user who creates a story, such as losing their job, in a bid to get matches by sending them money. Unless you know that the claims are genuine, it is most likely a scam.

Online criminals will try to take advantage of the vulnerable by tugging on their emotions to deceive the users into believing that they are in trouble. It’s important for daters to stay vigilant and recognize if things are moving too quickly in the relationship. Common red flags include messages becoming intense very quickly, or users starting to feel pressure as if someone is trying to manipulate them.

Although it’s Internet Safety Month, these tips will work all year round and for years to come. By understanding the risks and what to look for when it comes to unusual or unsafe behavior on modern dating apps, you can date confidently knowing you have the upper hand against potential bad actors. 

At RealMe, our mission is to provide safety solutions for dating apps by providing trustworthy background and reputation information to promote safety, while empowering users to manage their online reputation. This enhanced transparency between dating apps and their users will serve as the benchmark of quality for online safety.

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