eHarmony Recruit Cloud Sales Software Velocify

Velocify And eHarmony

eHarmony will use cloud-based sales software Velocify to help improve sales of their high-end matchmaking service eH+.

Velocify for Salesforce is a cloud-based software which helps sales teams immediately respond to requests from customers and push through purchases.

It will be used to improve eH+, eHarmony’s matchmaking product, which CEO Neil Clark Warren says has had a 215% growth between the first and second quarter of the year.

Warren said: “eH+ requires a more hands on experience and so they have match makers that work with their clients to improve the match making process and tailor that personalised experience to each individual client.”

CEO of Velocify, Nick Hedges, said:

“When it comes to premium services like eHarmony’s eH+, it is so important to quickly connect with prospective customers and follow-up with attentiveness to build rapport and trust in the brand.

“Velocify for Salesforce empowers eHarmony’s sales reps to make an exceptional first impression, and demonstrate the level of attention buyers can expect when they become clients.”