Scamalytics Release High Risk ISPs for October 2019

Scamalytics have released the October 2019 list of the top 100 high risk ISPs for dating fraud. The list is compiled based on ISPs used by reported scammers in October 2019 across the Scamalytics network. ISPs must meet a minimum traffic level to make the list. They are then ranked by the proportion of traffic coming through that ISP’s network which is reported to be fraudulent.

Dating services can use the list to supplement their existing ISP blacklists. An updated list is released each month, based on the previous month’s scammer activity.

The top ten highest risk ISPs are listed in the table below.

Dating fraud: Top ten high risk ISPs – October 2019

Click an ISP to see the full fraud report for that ISP.

RankISPFraud Score
1Atomohost LLC100
2Petersburg Internet Network ltd.100
3Transit Telecom LLC100
5Admin LLC100
6Hosting Telecom Ltd99
7DediPath, LLC99
8Infolink LLC99
9Intercom LLC99
10Rustel LLC99

You can see the full list of 100 high risk ISPs here.

What’s changed since September 2019?

As with last month, Ukrainian hosting company Atomohost LLC takes the top spot, with IPs in UK, Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, and the US. Russian company Petersburg Internet Network ltd move into second place, in a straight swap with Transit Telecom LLC – another Russian company – who now take the third position.

IP lookup tools 

The top 100 list builds on Scamalytics’ IP fraud risk lookup tool and ISP risk reports. Their IP lookup tool allows dating services to lookup an IP address and see information such as whether that IP address is running a proxy server. Their ISP risk reports show information such as the distribution of proxy servers across the ISP’s range of IP addresses.

Scamalytics maintain the world’s largest anti-scammer blacklists dedicated to the dating industry, including IP addresses, ISPs, photos, profiles, email addresses and chat handles used by reported scammers.

Visit Scamalytics.com for more information.

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