FROM THE WEB: Swiping right in the Islamic republic as Tinder takes off in Tehran

The Guardian

A recent Guardian article looks at whether Tinder, an app with Iranian roots, has taken off in Iran – the “world’s most internet censored nation.”

The unnamed author speaks of his experience visiting Iran after living in London to see whether Iranians were as hooked on the app as the rest of the world.

Although Facebook is banned in Iran, government figures say over 4m Iranians use the social network by way of tech like VPNs, and cheaper 3G has opened up a world of dating opportunities for single Iranians.

And despite the fact that the dating pool was obviously much smaller compared to London, the author did go on a few dates, and found that although Tinder has a name as a hookup app elsewhere, in more conservative countries it is perceived, and used, in a different way.