FROM THE WEB: ‘Chemistry of love: Using pheromones to find your match’ – BBC


A BBC report goes to a Pheromone Party in London, and looks at the companies who are trying to match singles by smell.

The parties, launched in the US, work by attendees sleeping in the same t-shirt for three nights, then bringing it to the event.

The shirts are placed in plastic bags with numbers on, and the partygoers wander round, smelling the bags.

If they locate an amorous aroma amongst the sweaty evidence bags, they get a photo taken with the bag which is projected onto the wall, and they are free to find the shirt’s owner.

The LA founder of Pheromone Parties, Judith Prays, said to the Independent: “The parties are less about the idea that smell is the answer and more about asking questions because our dating approaches are clearly not working so well. 

“The parties open up a new way of looking at dating and which pieces of information we consider when making decisions about someone.”

The BBC also talk to Laurynas Pliuskys, creator of LoveGene, a dating company which uses saliva kits to test the compatibility of their customers.

LoveGene is a very similar concept to Instant Chemistry, who work with matchmaking companies to bring DNA testing to their portfolio of matching techniques.

Read our interview with Sara Seabrooke, co-founder of Instant Chemistry, here.

Watch the BBC’s report here.