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60% of App Users Opt-Out of Push Notifications


New data from mobile engagement company Kahuna says that 60% of app users opt-out of push notifications.

In a guest post on Andrew Chen’s blog, Kahuna’s Shannon Levis and Alli Brian write about the effectiveness of push notifications and how to improve push enablement rates.

Their data shows the rates of people who opt-in to push notifications change radically between sectors.

For example, ride sharing apps like Uber have the highest rates, with 79% of users opting in.

The category with the lowest rate of opt-ins is social, with only 39% choosing to receive push notifications.

Push notifications are a primary method of retaining users onto your app, and a higher opt-in rates “can translate to twice the engagement, revenue and retention, whereas low-performing apps are missing out.”

They use the example of Crossfade as an app that does push notifications well – giving first time downloaders a brief tutorial on the benefits of receiving push-notifications.

As a result they have a 55% push notification opt-in rate, above average for their industry of News & Media apps.

Read the excellent guest blog here.

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