CNBC’s American Greed Aired Episode On Military Romance Scams Last Night

American Greed Online dating

Last night, CNBC’s American Greed screened an episode on internet dating fraud.

The episode focused on military romance scams, and told the story of Tracy and Karen Vasseur, a mother and daughter who were convicted of stealing $1.1m in an online dating scam back in 2014.

Karen Vasseur, 73, and daughter Tracy, 40, laundered money in a Nigerian-based scam where people posed as members of the US military, convincing victims to send them money.

The duo, from Brighton, Colorado, were jailed for 27 years for their part in the scam, which took money from 374 victims in the US and 40 other countries.

The American Greed episode aired last night at 10pm EST / 9pm CT – find out how to watch it here and watch a clip below.