The Sunday Times Interviews Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe On Sexism In Silicon Valley


Last week, news leaked that earlier this year, Match Group attempted to buy Bumble for $450m.

The offer was rejected by Bumble, with sources close to the deal suggesting that the offer was thought to undervalue the dating app.

At the weekend, The Sunday Times published an interview with the app’s founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, presumably conducted prior to reports of the offer were made public.

Wolfe speaks about sexism in Silicon Valley and the 2014 Tinder sexual harassment lawsuit, saying: “A lawsuit for a man is almost a badge of honour. It makes him cool, crazy. When a woman is involved in a lawsuit, it’s ‘Don’t hire her. She’s a devil. She’ll come for you.’ ”

Elsewhere it is revealed that Bumble now has over 52 employees, 42 of whom are women, as Wolfe shoots down the suggestion she might move into politics, saying: “Why do people always ask me that? I could never run for [office]. There are people so much smarter than me.”

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