Grant Langston Talks Work/Life Balance, Productivity Tips & Life Lessons In New Interview

Grant Langston

eHarmony CEO Grant Langston recently spoke with Huffington Post for its interview series Work Life Balance.

The 51-year-old talks about his country music band The Supermodels, a band that “makes records, play shows, and do most of the other things that musicians do to spread the word and pursue their passion.”

The eHarmony CEO also gives some insight into his daily work life, and how he keeps on top of his day, saying his first activity every day is crafting his calendar, saying: “The day is really won or lost in that 15 minute planning session.”

He also talks about other parts of his philosophy with regards to eHarmony: “I’m a big believer in the stoic philosophy of only being focused on the things that you control. I can’t control whether people use eHarmony, but I can drive our staff to make our apps work better, match better, and be easier to use.

“If we do those things consistently, we’ll help people find quality relationships and be successful as a company. I set goals that are a challenge, but within my power to achieve and try not to worry about the rest.”

Check out the interview here.