Interview: New Dating Opportunities as ExoClick Partner with TrafficMansion

Digital advertising company ExoClick have announced an exclusive agreement with email marketers WeHitInbox, granting them access to the inventory of #1 dating membership site network Traffic Mansion.

ExoClick will monetize Traffic Mansion’s entire email inventory, with over 25,000 of TrafficMansion’s daily clicks now live on ExoClick’s network.

Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder of ExoClick, said of the move: “Partnering with TrafficMansion, the global leader in dating sites, allows advertisers to harness the technology of ExoClick’s platform features and convert their dating offers to this lucrative dating niche.

“Campaigns are very cost effective and our platform allows advertisers to see measurable results to maximise their ROI.”

GDI caught up with Kelan Stone, Head of Members Area Business at ExoClick, to find out more about the agreement:

Hi Kelan, can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your experience in the dating niche?

KS: I have been in the online marketing space for 10 years but shifted my focus to the dating market about 4 years ago. The dating market has so much potential and opportunity for growth and development, I knew it was an area that would keep me on my toes. I’ve worked with all the major dating networks in the entertainment industry helping them find ways to generate new net revenues.”

What does Exoclick do, Traffic Mansion do, and what does WeHitInbox do?

KS: ExoClick is a digital advertising company, the company’s ad network platform that is ranked the 4th largest in the world with dating being ExoClick’s biggest vertical. Traffic Mansion is an affiliate program with exclusive dating offers for tier 1 English speaking GEOs that uses proprietary technology to optimize every single click through a cascade of offers and external partners. WeHitInbox is an email marketing company that monetises email databases including the email data for the sites in the Traffic Mansion affiliate program.”

From the point of view of an advertiser looking to sell a dating product, what new opportunities does this collaboration open up?

KS: Traffic Mansion is a massive dating network with a lot of quality traffic spread out over a variety of niche dating sites. Through our exclusive collaboration with WeHitInbox, we are offering over 25,000 daily email clicks targeted directly at dating site members. This CPC traffic comes from exclusive internal quality sources with a proven track record of conversions. Furthermore, the traffic gets redirected live; the Traffic Mansion optimiser controls when a click goes through their cascade of internal offers which then gets redirected to ExoClick, where it is immediately made available for sale to advertisers.”

Just how valuable is it having exclusive access to the Traffic Mansion inventory?

KS:For advertisers with dating offers, this traffic is highly targeted for them, especially as 85% of the email traffic is for English-speaking territories allowing them to target the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Having exclusivity on this inventory puts ExoClick in the best possible position to centralize 100% of Traffic Mansion’s inventory and offer it to our advertisers with the excellent tracking options that ExoClick’s platform provides.”

What kind of data will you be providing advertisers with so they can measure their success?

KS: Anyone that has worked with ExoClick knows that our network offers full transparency and real-time statistics to enable advertisers to make the right decisions in order to maximise their ROI.  If advertisers implement pixel tracking on our platform they can see a range of data from each click including the date, hour, county, region within a country, device, OS, browser, language, carrier, offer and campaign.”

How does an advertiser actually purchase email blasts on ExoClick?

KS: The best way to get Traffic Mansion’s email clicks flowing your way is to contact the ExoClick sales team via email [] or speak to your designated account manager. Advertisers can buy a set amount of this CPC traffic via flat deals. We have different email streams at different price points and we’re ready to set up new tests with interested advertisers.”

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Scott Harvey

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