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Record-Breaking Same-Day Conversion Rate

WhiteLabelDating.com sees record-breaking same-day conversion rates this weekend despite the UK’s sizzling temperatures

This weekend, UK temperatures soared and so did same-day conversion rates across the WLD platform. Following our record-breaking conversion in May, platform performance has continued to excel. Over the weekend the WLD platform saw a record-breaking same-day conversion rate that boosted revenues for partners and enhanced ROI’s across the board. 

These extremely impressive conversion rates come as a result of our ongoing commitment to improving platform performance. In June we took a new approach to resetting Introductions, giving members the opportunity to send one Introduction per month, to hundreds of singles at once – for free! This resulted in a notable increase in messages sent. We’re thrilled to see the impact this has had on member engagement metrics and in turn our partner’s conversion rates. 

As well as a change in Introductions we’ve seen a massive increase in new upgrades, filling the database with a new influx of highly engaged members. Highly engaged members are ready to prompt registrations to upgrade as soon as they signup and were vital following WLD partners registration push this weekend.

In June we also saw impressive performance from our merchandising tool, which increased photo uploads by 33% versus last weekend! The new level of exciting new content for all members is really pushing their desire to upgrade. This combined with the first payday weekend saw our partners some amazing results. 

Get in touch with our partner team today for more information about growing your dating revenues with WLD.

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