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We’ve Achieved 2798% Annualised Growth in the USA

Are you currently running dating sites in the USA? If you’re not, it might just be time to expand your portfolio. Our USA network has achieved 2798%  annualised growth – yes, you read that right – 2798%!

2021 has been fantastic for our partners’ dating sites platform-wide, following the roll out of a considerable number of new product features and platform enhancements. We recently announced our highest same-day upgrade rate the platform has seen in a decade. 

In the USA and Canada, performance is absolutely blowing us away.  In October WhiteLabelDating.com achieved a staggering 2798% annualised growth in the USA for new subscribers!

This means that our partners are getting more revenue from the traffic they are sending to their dating sites running on the White Label Dating platform than ever before .

Why is performance so high?

The demand for our partners’ dating sites is continuing to rise, through vaccination awareness relating to the global pandemic (over 58% of the USA’s population is now fully vaccinated*) and the use of enhanced online dating site features. Since March, we’ve seen a 30% increase in demand platform-wide.

With more available traffic, our platform’s product enhancements and our generous Supercharge Bonus Payout Scheme, our partners are demonstrating impressive growth in the USA and Canada. In October, we saw a huge increase of +32% in new subscription revenues and a massive +22% boost in the number of members joining our partners’ sites, versus September.

What does this mean for partners

With more people joining – and upgrading – in the US and Canada, engagement across the platform is rising. We’ve seen increases in all upgrade-driving metrics, such as messages being sent, photos being uploaded and much more! We expect that upgrade rates in the USA and Canada will continue to grow, in line with more activity across both networks. 

A little reminder of our recent product updates

Here’s a little reminder of the updates we’ve made to our partners’ sites to ensure they can stay competitive in an ever-evolving dating market.

👉 We introduced voice and video calling

👉 Members can now background check potential matches to stay safe

👉 We improved the user experience for users registering on mobile

👉 Members can now add videos to their dating profiles

👉 We’ve reached one million views across our new video stories feature 

👉 Members can now add their subscription to their mobile phone bill

The feedback we’ve had from our partners has been fantastic.

We want to support your business growth

Last month we launched our Supercharge Bonus Payout Scheme, offering our partners the opportunity to earn 125% revenue share for incremental new subscription revenues for the rest of 2021. This scheme is designed to get more cash back in our partners’ pockets faster, with an added bonus, so they can supercharge their business growth ahead of 2022.

So why not supercharge your business’ growth in the USA with support from our generous scheme – it’s not too late to apply! Find out more here.

* vaccination uptake figures from https://ourworldindata.org/

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