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What WLD Can Tell You About Your Traffic

White Label Dating supports partner’s optimisation efforts at member level, across each source, campaign and keyword

Last week the WLD Partner team actively worked with partners to support campaign optimisation and decrease CPLs through gender, age and device specific analysis. After such positive results focusing on demographic and device, we’re helping our partners to drill down even further – as deep as member level – to help maximise partners profits. If partners know how members from specific campaigns are behaving on the platform, the opportunity to optimise campaigns to decrease costs and increase profits is an exciting prospect.

Here’s what we can provide our partners…

Verification by campaign, source and keyword

Our Member Engagement team are dedicated to keeping on-site activity flowing helping to upgrade and retain members. We can only contact members that have verified their email addresses, therefore it’s vital that partners drive traffic that is going to verify. With a considerable portion of Initial and Re-initial revenue coming off the back of offers and engagement campaigns, driving traffic from sources that have a higher verification rate could significantly boost revenues and profits.

Re-bill propensity by source, campaign and keyword

As well as Initial revenue (members upgrading for the first time), it is important to focus on Rebill revenue (members re-upgrading their subscriptions). Our campaign tracking report tells partners which members have re-billed and how many times. It may be that traffic from certain sources or campaigns has a higher re-bill propensity. This will significantly influence the amount that could be spent to acquire these members, as the increased re-bill revenue will improve member lifetime value (LTV).

Package mix by source, campaign keyword – chase campaigns which attract longer subscriptions

Our package mix report highlights which sources, campaigns and even keywords attract particular subscription types. 6 and 12-month subscriptions give a much higher initial payment, giving partners money to readily reinvest. But it’s important to remember, not all members that opt for longer subscriptions re-bill, so it’s important to use these reports hand in hand. Partners may get more money up front for a 6-month sub, but if a 1-month sub rebills 10 times, they’re worth more in the long-run.

Get in touch with partnersupport@whitelabledating.com today to request your bespoke reports and find out more about what our Partner Team can do for partners joining WLD.

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