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White Label Dating’s Monthly Newsletter – November 2019

As we enter November it’s with great pleasure that we kick off the first of our Monthly White Label Dating newsletters. We’re using this opportunity to keep you up to date with what has been going on at WLD HQ and get you ready for what‘s to come in the months ahead.

The White Label Dating Platform

Product enhancements to boost partners revenues and profits are at the heart of our roadmap. We’re making excellent progress on a number of projects and we’re excited to share them with you. 

Payments and Chargeback Management

3DS2 is an authentication protocol designed to reduce fraud, increase customer security and reduce merchant liability to chargebacks that launched in September. As a result of our efforts to seamlessly implement 3DS2 we anticipate an increase in acceptance rate due to increased positive reputation with banks. As more and more banks begin to authenticate with 3DS2 we’ll see this increase further.

Not only are we ready for 3DS2, we’re also imminently moving more Mainstream sites onto Adyen, a superior Tier 1 processor which should improve payment success rates, improve conversion and grow your profits. Our efforts to increase payment acceptance rate is ongoing and proving to be a huge success. In addition to this expansion with Adyen we’re also adding Stripe, another Tier-1 processor, that we expect to boost acceptance rate (and thus conversion) further.

We’re working hard to boost your organic traffic

Our brand new SEO tool, that launched in October, was built to strengthen your organic positioning for specific high volume keywords that you already rank for, as well as strengthen your position for location specific pages within the sites territory (the tool creates these for you). The overall improvement in your online presence will increase traffic to your domain and make you more money. For more information on getting access to the free tool, speak to your Partner Manager.

Expect a reduction in your termination rate

Starting in November you can expect a reduction in sites termination rate as we’re investing heavily in retaining customers throughout the online cancellation process by giving them more compelling alternatives to leaving. At present we are seeing a significant reduction in termination requests as a result and we expect a decrease in termination rate to follow. We will continue to monitor results – speak to your Partner Manager to learn more about this.

Our Team

Where you’d have found WLD in recent months

In September we proudly sponsored GDI’s London Dating Conference where our Chief Revenue Officer, David Adams, took to the stage to talk about how dating partners’ strategies are evolving to compete in the 2019 online dating market as well as offering a sneak-peek into White Label Dating’s upcoming plans (keep reading for more). It was great to see a number of our partners at the event and we look forward to meeting again at WLD’s Partner Conference later this month. 

We’ve introduced the brand new WhiteLabelDating.com 

Last month we were proud to launch the brand new WhiteLabelDating.com website, designed to provide you with a wealth of resources to help you generate industry-leading profits. You’ll be able to filter through all of our blogs, help-guides and video content to maximise your marketing strategies and boost your margins as dating’s peak season approaches. 

We said hello to our new Head of White Label Dating

Along with our new brand, last month saw the return of Sebastian Hall who has been appointed as the new Head of WLD. Seb previously worked with White Label Dating for 5 years within Account Management. The appointment comes as White Label Dating prepares for expansion into a number of overseas territories and the introduction of a number of new potential niche propositions.

What to expect in the months ahead

Postback Tracking 

To compliment our resource-heavy website, our 2020 roadmap is shaping up with Partners growth at the forefront. This month we’ll be launching Postback Tracking for your Google campaigns – a vital tool that will help you generate higher margins and ultimately more cash through more accurate ROI tracking. Learn more from our Chief Revenue Officer, David Adams, on 20th November at 3 PM BST – register for our webinar today!

Be prepared for dating’s peak season

With Christmas just around the corner and the busiest time of year in the dating calendar approaching, preparing your advertising campaigns is vital to ensure you’re making the most of the uplift in traffic that begins in December and continues into the first week of February. Last year we saw a +21% increase in same-day conversion across our UK Mainstream network in December versus October, and a +30% increase from October to December and January’s average.

In weeks to come we’ll be sharing the best tips and tricks to ensure your maximising your traffic for the busy season. To get ahead of the game, speak to your Partner Manager today.

All the best,

The Team at White Label Dating

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