Google Helping Startups Learn Marketing With Primer App


Google have launched an app to help startups learn the basics of marketing.

Called Primer, the app takes the form of short interactive lessons, for whenever users “have 5 minutes free.”

The app will also work offline, so people can learn without the internet.

The lessons, which are on the basic side, were created alongside “industry experts” and are made up of case studies, insider tips and interactive quizzes.

Google said: “We realized that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros. We want to fix this.”

google primer
You can currently choose from the following topics: search engine marketing, getting media coverage and content marketing, but more will be added soon.

The first, getting media coverage, teaches you about two initial marketing options for startups – the personal story and the higher purpose.

As an example of the personal story, they uses FiLIP, a smart locator for families that was created by Sten Kirkback after he lost his son in a shopping centre.

For higher purpose, they use KIND Healthy Snacks, which aim to make the world a little kinder, one act at a time.

Primer is available on iOS, with an Android version coming soon.