Match Release Fifth ‘Singles in America’ Study

singlesinamerica have just released their 5th annual Singles in America study – a look into the dating habits of US singles.

The data from 2014 looks at how singles are interacting in the modern dating landscape, and how their sexual desires and gender roles are changing.

Here are a few main points from the study:

  • 31% of singles met their last first date online, 25% through a friend, and 6% at a bar or club.
  • 54% of women and 36% of men find bad spelling or poor grammar as the biggest texting turn-off.
  • In what they call the Clooney Effect – say 87% of single men would date a woman who makes “considerably more” money than them, is better-educated and more intellectual.
  • 51% of singles said they use emojis to give texts “more personality”, and 37% say that emojis make it “easier to express their feelings.”
  • Singles who work out at CrossFit gyms have more sex, and single men who do yoga have more sexual partners than those who exercise in different ways.

Match’s President of North America, Amarnath Thombre, said this year they compared the data of online and offline daters, and found online daters were more likely to be employed full-time and more educated: “In 20 years, the perception of our category has changed dramatically and it reflects in who uses it today.”

See an infographic of the study’s findings below, and visit the study here.