Tinder Users Report All Matches Deleted After Facebook Outage, Tinder Provide Solution


Yesterday Tinder suffered a short outage, where some users appeared to have lost all their matches.

After Facebook went down for 20 minutes yesterday, Tinder users said on Twitter that they had lost all their matches and messages.

As Tinder requires a Facebook login to use the app, people could not access their accounts.

And after the social network came back online, for some users Tinder rebooted with all their matches erased.

However, Tinder has since given an update, saying if those affected log out of the app, and back in, their matches will be restored.

The IAC-owned app said on Twitter:

Tinder will be monetised before the end of 2014, according to the Chairman of Match Group, Gregory Blatt, and it will be a combination of three different strategies.