A Study By eHarmony Australia Reveals We Are Now Seeing An Average Of Six People At A Time

eHarmony Australia

A recent study by eHarmony Australia has revealed singles nowadays are “seeing” up to six people at a time, rather than seriously dating one person.

With more and more singles now turning to online dating, it could be said there is now a much larger pool of potential matches, making it easier for singles to meet multiple people.

And a recent study by eHarmony Australia has found that singles might not be dating just one person, instead revealing they could be seeing as many as six people at a time.

The research also found singles are becoming more likely to “ghost” those they are seeing – the process of ignoring someone to avoid explaining things like why they can’t meet, or even to avoid a conversation to end the relationship.

And eHarmony Australia found a whopping 64% of Australian daters have been ghosted in the last year, with another huge sum of 51% admitting they have ghosted someone else to avoid a breakup.

The reasoning behind this could be people’s reluctance for commitment, say some reports.

And others speculate that the number of potential matches available online has led to people constantly searching for other options, rather than settling with one person.

Marketing Director of eHarmony Australia, Nicole McInnes, said: “The research here and around the world shows there is a lot of dissatisfaction in the outcomes of many dating apps.

“We want to make sure eHarmony continues to provide a superior service that leads to happier, healthier relationships.”

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